Socket Shelf Wall Outlet Organizer

Socket Shelf Wall Outlet Organizer

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This handy, Socket Shelf Wall Outlet Organizer is the perfect solution to all your shelving needs, when it comes to electronics! Place your razors, toothbrushes, electronic devices, smart home speakers, etc. on it for an easy and convenient storage option.

Make the most of your valuable space by creating an extra shelf in seconds, using your existing outlet cover. It comes in particularly handy in small living spaces, like bathrooms, dorm rooms and studio apartments. It's super easy to install and can be added in seconds and it fits most vertical single outlets and light switches. There's no need for additional hardware, just remove the switch plate with a standard screwdriver and replace with the shelf. There's no mess and no fuss.

This multi-functional and easy-to-install shelf will keep your phone and other electronics off of the floor while they're charging and because it uses an existing outlet cover for mounting, there won't be any damage to your walls. Place a Socket Shelf in your bathroom to hold electronic toothbrushes. Mount one in the kitchen to keep your phone close at hand while it's charging. Put one in the garage for rechargeable tools or flashlights. The Wall Outlet Organizer makes a perfect, charging station or charging shelf in just about any room!

The Socket Shelf Wall Outlet Organizer is strong as well as durable. Made of industrial grade plastics, it's capable of holding up to 10 lbs. It can also be mounted upside down, for additional versatility. Keep your cords neat and out of the way, while avoiding unsightly hanging cords.

NOTE: This product doesn't come with an outlet, just the organizer shelf unit.


  • Type: Outlet Shelf

  • Material: PP

  • Color: White

  • Size: about 15x14x10cm


  • 1 x Outlet Shelf