USB Silent Indoor Fly Trap
USB Silent Indoor Fly Trap
USB Silent Indoor Fly Trap
USB Silent Indoor Fly Trap
USB Silent Indoor Fly Trap
USB Silent Indoor Fly Trap

USB Silent Indoor Fly Trap

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The transparent rotating disc quietly sneaks up on the unsuspecting fly as it slowly feasts on the delicious bait. Then the USB Silent Indoor Fly Trap will have the fly trapped inside the compartment with no way out. This is the eco-friendly solution to eliminate those pesky flies in your homes. You'll never have to use insecticide sprays anymore. set. 


  • HOW FLIES ARE TRAPPED - Rotating disc traps the fly while it is distracted by the bait and forces it into the fly box for easy disposal.
  • BAIT TO USE - Place your own fruit jelly or bbq sauce in the five circular receptacles to attract the flies.
  • EASY TO CLEAN - The clear rotating disc is removable for easy cleaning. The fly box may be pulled out for easy disposal. A free cleaning brush is included.
  • POWER SUPPLY - The fast-moving, quiet motor runs on a USB electrical plug. Power adapter not included. Not rechargeable. The power switch is located on top for easy on/off.
  • DESK OR WALL MOUNTED - May be mounted to the wall or placed on countertops.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Voltage: DC 5-10V
  • Frequency: 55/65 Hz
  • Product size: 23x8cm 


  • Spread the bait on the 5 grooves. (Please do not use hard objects as bait).
  • Connect the power and turn on the switch.
  • The fly is attracted by the bait and transferred into the box by the rotating plate.
  • Remove the fly trap box and clean it.


  • Five grooves must be added with the right amount of bait.
  • The machine must be placed where the fly is active.
  • If the fly is not interested in the bait, you can add some vinegar or sugar or a fishy smell to attract the flies.
  • The speed is determined by our tests countless times. If the speed is too fast, it will cause the flies to fly away. In addition, our motor speed is a special underground adjustment, and the cost of the click is also higher than that of the speed block.