Digital Guitar Trainer
Digital Guitar Trainer
Digital Guitar Trainer
Digital Guitar Trainer
Digital Guitar Trainer

Digital Guitar Trainer

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At Last! A handy and useful pocket guitar that allows you to practice anytime anywhere without dragging along your real heavy guitar!

This Digital Guitar Trainer allows you to take lessons wherever you are for however long you prefer. It is an ideal product for both amateurs and passionate guitar players. The device is small and portable.

The screen of the trainer can easily twist. This means that all beginners will easily remember chords and practice the finger movement. Also, the metronome is allowing you to set the tempo of your learning.

The trainer features real steel strings. This means that you will learn how to set the tension of the strings as well. Even though you are playing the trainer, you are still building calluses.


  • CHORD CHART DISPLAY: This pocket guitar has a chord display function that you can correct your mistakes in time.

  • WITH METRONOME: There is a metronome inside the device that learners can learn any chords rhythm at will.

  • PORTABLE GUITAR: It's convenient to carry and a quiet practice tool without sound.That you can practice anytime.

  • GENUINE STRINGS: Equipped with genuine guitar steel strings help guitar learners to getting muscle memory,and the tension of the strings can be adjusted.


    • Brand name: AROMA
    • Size: 19x1.5 inches
    • Included: trainer, battery and a tool for adjusting the strings