Speed Jump Rope Ball Bearing Skipping Rope

Speed Jump Rope Ball Bearing Skipping Rope

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Stainless steel ball bearings handles are fitted with speedball bearings for seamless and smooth rotation during use. Cable ropes with plastic ends simply do not compare. comfortable grips are designed for aggressive, regular use.
Adjustable length: Accommodates people of all heights with easy to adjust screws and extra hardware right in the box.packaging includes clear directions on how to easily adjust your rope.

Note: wire cutters are necessary to permanently alter the length of your rope. This Speed Rope is built to last. It is perfect for men and women. The Cayman rope can be used anywhere making it a great choice for travel, as an addition to your home gym or for outdoor workouts. This Fitness Speed Rope is perfect for boxing, Crossfit WOD, high-intensity speed jumping, skips, side jumps, jog in place or crossovers.

Function: Comprehensive Fitness Exercise
Material: Aluminum / PVC / Steel wire
Cable size: 3m*2.5mm
Design: 360 Degree SWIVEL BALL BEARING