Boxing and Crossfit Resistance Bands Set
Boxing and Crossfit Resistance Bands Set

Boxing and Crossfit Resistance Bands Set

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Boxing and Crossfit Resistance Bands Set

Boxing and Crossfit resistance band set: It can enhance the explosive force of the arms, legs and waist, enhance the movement speed and agility, improve the speed and strength of punching and kicking, and improve the control of the body balance. Your body load and training intensity can be increased to improve training efficiency.


  1. Resistance training for MMA, boxing, Sanda, taekwondo, Muay Thai, Judo, Jeet Kune do, karate, fitness, basketball, volleyball, football, soccer and other sports. Also for those people who have training needs.
  2. More professional, more efficient. Have a great effect on improving leg strength, vertical bounce. Enhancing the leg muscle, chest strength, speed and agility.
  3. Lightweight but Powerful: Fabric protector strong latex tube. Soft latex and rubber materials for comfort and safety use has a lightweight.
  4. Durable, safe and comfortable: thickened soft mats are provided inside belt, wristband and foot ring.
  5. Easy to remove, install and adjust: generally, all accessories (10) of this boxing resistance training equipment can be worn or disassembled within two minutes and thirty seconds.
  6. The belt, wristband, foot ring and its foot strap of this equipment can be adjusted. The adjustment range is suitable for most people.


  • 2 wrist straps+2 arm resistance band +waistband for upper body training
  • 2 ankle straps +2 leg resistance band +waistband for squat and kicking training
  • Band Power: 35LBS each band


  • 1 x waist belt
  • 4 x resistance band
  • 2 x ankle cuffs
  • 2 x wrist strap
  • 2 x foam handle
  • 1 x carry bag