Rejuvenating Lifting Face Massager
Rejuvenating Lifting Face Massager
Rejuvenating Lifting Face Massager
Rejuvenating Lifting Face Massager
Rejuvenating Lifting Face Massager
Rejuvenating Lifting Face Massager

Rejuvenating Lifting Face Massager

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Get a natural facelift now at the comfort of your home with The Rejuvenating Lifting Facial Massager. This is a microcurrent facial massager that tightens, tones and firms aging skin, giving them an instant uplift.

This effortlessly easy, non-invasive facelifting technique improves your facial contour, giving a visible lift while minimizing wrinkles and works towards more radiant, youthful skin.

The face massage tool emits low-voltage electrical currents that mirror your body’s own natural currents thus stimulating collagen and elastin production and repairing your skin. This will help you attain a more natural-looking skin while reducing dullness, puffiness, and dark circles from under the eyes.

Facial Massager is an extremely lightweight device that you can carry wherever you want. Since it is rechargeable, you can easily plug in the USB cable to an adapter or a power bank and charge the device anytime, anywhere.


    • EMS Face Massager: With 400 MICROAMPS, this electric face massager will evenly massage your entire face and reduces blackheads and acne. It is tired and tested to prove that the massager is completely safe to be used on all skin types and is extremely effective to make a visible difference in just a few uses.

    • Adjustable Intensity Levels: You can choose the level of intensity of the microcurrent according to your facial needs. You can begin with a low level and gradually increase the intensity to medium level and then to high.
    • Professional Treatment in Your Hands: This electric facial cleanser will give a professional treatment that will be easy for you to conduct on your own. Simply cleanse your face first and pat dry. Use Face Massager at your desired intensity level and gently move it upwards on your cheeks, jaws, chin, under eyes and forehead too. After ten minutes switch off the device and apply moisturizer or your night cream. Following this routine skincare treatment will also prevent future acne breakouts.

    • Time-Saving and Cost-Effective: You no longer need to visit those expensive salons for facial uplifting treatments when you can do it on your own with Face Massager. This will also save a lot of your time that you’d spend making those weekly appointments and spending hours there.
    • Premium Quality Material: The device has been intelligently designed with a premium-grade ABS body with two heavy-duty metal spheres that conduct low-level microcurrents. It is extremely durable with an 800mAH battery that will last up to two weeks when fully charged. It will assist you in your skincare routine for a long time.


  • Material: ABS
  • Color: White, Pink
  • Power: 0.15W
  • Working Voltage: 2.4V
  • Output Voltage: 5V
  • Battery Type: 2.4V/800mAh Polymer Battery
  • Charging Time: 12 Hours
  • Size: 10.6*6.5*3.8cm
  • Weight: 128g