Professional Lash Lift Kit
Professional Lash Lift Kit
Professional Lash Lift Kit
Professional Lash Lift Kit
Professional Lash Lift Kit
Professional Lash Lift Kit
Professional Lash Lift Kit
Professional Lash Lift Kit

Professional Lash Lift Kit

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How great would it feel to have perfectly curled lashes day after day without the need to constantly maintain them? Our ALL-IN-ONE Lash Lift Kit lift your lashes up which lasts for 8 weeks!

The Lash Lift Kit is everything you need to ALWAYS have beautifully curled lashes without needing falsies, eyelash extensions, or mascara. Save your morning time and slay all day!

What woman wouldn't love having long, beautiful lashes that are all her own? 60% more lashes will be grown in continuous use under test. Wave goodbye to broken & fragile lashes forever!

What You Need To Know About Our Lash Kits:

The Lash Lift Kit is a SAFE & LONG-LASTING alternative to daily eyelash curling. This kit uses a gentle perm lotion to curl lashes over the soft silicone pads which provide that natural lift from the root.


  • GET LONG & BEAUTIFUL CURLED LASHES: 1.5X Enlarge your eyes even no makeup.

  • LONG LASTING: Last your curled lashes up to 8 weeks!

  • PROMOTE EYELASH GROWTH: Amino Acid penetrates the root of eyelashes for 30% eyelash growth.

  • PROTECT LASHES: Contain protein to repair the cuticle layer of lashes and prevents it from breaking.

  • EXCELLENT VALUE. Up to 15 USES out of just one kit!
  • SAFE TO USE. Does not cause eyelashes to fall out unlike lash extensions.
  • FUSS FREE. No daily maintenance required.

And remember ladies, "Lashes Speak Louder Than Words"... So let's get lash lifting and have those eyelashes on fleek!

    HOW IT WORKS (EASY AS 1, 2, 3!):

    1) Place silicone pads on eyelids using the glue and fold back lashes onto the pad, use glue once more to fix lashes onto the pads

    2) Use the perm agent on the lashes next (leave for 8-10mins) then use the fixation agent next (leave for 8-10 mins)

    3) Apply the nutrition agent next and then clean all glue residue of eyelids and lashes (including removal of pads) using the cleanser agent


    ✅ Cruelty Free & Vegan Friendly

    ✅ No Harmful Chemicals

    ✅ Hypoallergenic

    ✅ Non-Irritating


    • Perming agent (re-sealable)
    • Fixing agent (re-sealable)
    • Nutrition agent (re-sealable)
    • Cleansing agent (re-sealable)
    • Glue for silicone pads
    • Silicone/Lift pads x5 (S,M,L)
    • Cleaning pads
    • Store away from direct sunlight

      CAUTION when using solutions close to the eyes. Can cause damage if used incorrectly. If the solutions do get into the eyes, flush with cool water for 5 minutes or until gone. If problem persists, consult your doctor. LashLift is not responsible for misuse or damage caused by this product.