Gaming LED Mouse Pad
Gaming LED Mouse Pad
Gaming LED Mouse Pad
Gaming LED Mouse Pad

Gaming LED Mouse Pad

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Complete your gaming set up with this Gaming LED Mouse Pad!

Designed by GAMERS for the every gamers' space. Best for your workspace, too!
The Gaming LED Mouse Pad is an absolute MUST have for every gamer out there who is just a tiny bit serious about their gaming setup!
Become the king of every LAN party and dominate your opponents in either CS:GO or Fortnite with this absolute badass mousepad. 
Simply Plug-&-Play just connect the USB power cable press the start button once and transform your gaming station from being outdated and boring to the place every gamer dreams about. 


  • ENTER THE LIGHT - With the integrated led strip around the edge is an amazing touch to every gaming station. No more sitting in total darkness and not being able to see your keyboard. Here you get 13 different colors for you to choose from or all of them at once!
  • MADE FOR GAMERS - The integrated power button is made is withstands 10.000.000. clicks before failing which means this mousepad is built to withstand the intense hours of gaming. 
  • WATERPROOF - Afraid of tipping over your Red Bull while playing the most intense game of Fortnite or CS:GO in our life? Fear no more, this pad is waterproof just wipe the drops off and continue with your game. 
  • MULTIPLE SIZES - Do you only have a small gaming station or do you have one of the biggest? Feat not our gaming pad comes in the following sizes: 25x30 cm, 30x70 cm, 30x80 cm and 40x90 cm. 
  • 3 DIFFERENT MOTIVES - Choose from 3 different motives All Black, Paint or World Map.


  • Non-slip rubber base
  • Color: Black world map
  • Low friction: Smooth surface for speed
  • The thickness of the RGB Version: 4mm
  • Optimized for various mouse sensors and sensitivities
  • Support full-size Ard keyboard with more than enough room for a mouse and keyboard