DIY Glass Bottle Cutter Tools
DIY Glass Bottle Cutter Tools

DIY Glass Bottle Cutter Tools

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Recycle glass bottles, jars and create functional art at the same time! Create your own glass sculptures, sun catchers and ornaments easily with this metal cutter.


  • Cutting Length from bottle bottom to cutting point: 5'.
  • Cutting Diameter of round glass bottles or mason jars: 0.5' to 2' Provided you to cut both sides: from the top or the bottom of the glass bottles and mason jars.
  • Suitable with most glass round bottles.


  • Easy to operate - easy to store and more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Creative and Environmental protection - Be creative with your recycling ideas and decorate your home with unique products. Do your part for environmental protection.
  • Amazing DIY Experience - Each blade is made of sharp and hard metal acrylic, the durability has been tested for many times, well built and lasts a long time, perfect for practicing handmade
  • Easy to Use - Just place your bottle on the cutter, Rotate the bottle constant moderate pressure, heat the score over boiled water and cold water alternately bathe three times.
  • Safe to Use - This durable glass cutting tool will allow you to easily cut bottles safely. The results will amaze you, clean breaks nearly every time. Even thick champagne bottles break easily and smoothly.

User Instruction(s)

Step 1: Adjust the machine and Scoring
The tool is meant to create a score line on the bottle on your desired place. You simply need to adjust the stand of the glass cutter to the desired length to cut and place the bottle on it, then adjust the depth of machine so the cutting wheel is at the desired location on the bottle. Once the cutting wheel is at the proper location, start slowly turning the bottle. Rotate it for 3-5 times with moderate pressure and patient.

Step 2: Separation
The best method that produces the most consistent results is simply to pour hot and cold water over the score line alternately. This cycle of hot and cold water will make the bottle to crack along the scoreline. Thicker glasses may take additional cycles.

Step 3: Finishing
Now that you have separated the two halves with cut-resistant, use the sandpaper to smooth out the glass edges.