Cookie Cutter Mold Press
Cookie Cutter Mold Press
Cookie Cutter Mold Press
Cookie Cutter Mold Press
Cookie Cutter Mold Press
Cookie Cutter Mold Press
Cookie Cutter Mold Press

Cookie Cutter Mold Press

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Do you put a lot of effort into trying to prepare uniform and beautiful cookies? Do you love Spritz Cookies but find it difficult or time-consuming to prepare it at home? Have you ever thought about how much time do you spend on making different shapes of cookies?

If you have the same questions in mind, you will recognize that making cookies without a cookie press will be a challenging task that can be so much time-consuming. Let’s make fancy cookies from the easily operated cookie press. And Enjoy Baking without the hassle ...With this cookie press kit, you can prepare spritz cookies without a rolling pin.

No more need to struggle with a rolling pin to get a perfect shape. Enjoy your love of baking cookies and your holidays.

Cookies are generally easy to make and one of the first things a beginning baker makes. A tool called cookie press like this Cookie Cutter Mold Press is used to make pressed cookies like spritz cookies. The dough should be soft enough to be put through a cookie press but must be stiff enough to hold a shape. If the dough is too soft, refrigerate for a while. If the dough is too stiff, add an egg yolk and do it again.

A cookie cutter is a tube-shaped apparatus. One end is fitted with a plunger by which you press the cookie dough. The other end’s screw-on lid comes with a selection of interchangeable, decorative disks that allow you to create individual cookies in many different shapes. By simply changing the disk, you can make cookies in a variety of shapes such as stars, wreaths, flowers, and trees.

The cookies may also be formed using a pastry bag, filled with cookie dough. The narrow end of the pastry bag can be fitted with various metal tips. The dough is pressed through the bag. By holding the bag at different angles or by changing the tip, you can create a variety of cookies.

Spritz is a well-known example of a pressed cookie.

The name "spritz" comes from "spritzen," which is German for "to squirt or spray" and possibly originated in Germany. Spritz cookies are called that because they are made by dough being "pushed" or "squirted" from a cookie press. You'll notice that spritz cookie dough does not include leavener, such as baking powder and baking soda or beaten egg whites. This is so cookie won't puff much or spread during baking. That's so the impressions that are made through the cookie press stay when the cookies are baked. A Norwegian tradition is to make them in shapes of S's and O's. Today, spritz cookies are formed into a variety of shapes still using a cookie press. Use the Christmas tree, dog, flower or star-shaped disc and top each with a maraschino cherry half before baking.



  • 1. DIY biscuit makers - you can easily make different cookies and decorating cakes at home.
  • 2. Easy to use - the removable structure is easy to load and clean, perfect for beginners and experienced professionals.
  • 3. Interesting - with this cookie press, you will ignite a party in the kitchen, decorating the most beautiful cookies, and you will enjoy spending time with family or friends.
  • 4. Uses: it can be used as a practical household kitchen utensil for 20 types of biscuits. It also provides four kinds of nozzles so that the biscuit machine can also make decorative cakes by hand!


Note: Some cookies can't be pressed down. That's because the dough is not doing well. It must be operated accurately.


How to Use:

  • 1. When used as a biscuit machine, the handle is finished once, and the finished product can be used up to 20 pieces.
  • 2. The mechanical control, the thickness of the finished product is accurate and consistent.
  • 3. When using this tool, press and hold the handle front button, use the upper lever to operate and squeezing the amount is left to control.


  • Name: Household aluminum alloy cookie cutter
  • Material: aluminum + ABS
  • Style: convenient
  • Size: 21*15 cm
  • Weight: 406 grams (including the box)


  • 20 x mold
  • 1 x biscuit maker
  • 4 x nozzle



  • The cookie maker is made with the best quality materials for unique durability.
  • Every part of the cookie press kit are detachable, you can clean it with a little detergent and warm water. The cookie press has an ergonomic design that will give you a strong and comfortable grip so you can use it with ease, making this cookie machine a breeze to use even if you suffer from arthritis.
  • This cookie press is very convenient to use and easy to clean.
  • It can easily and efficiently produce biscuits of various shapes to meet your needs.
  • This cookie press set is a good gift for Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas. You can now create a stunning spritz cookie press gun at home with this unique biscuit decorating kit in your favorite baking supplies! As an ideal kitchen tool to DIY cookies, perfect for family holidays and various occasions.
  • This cookie presser guarantees efficient performance for a longer time.
  • The cookie maker is made with the best quality materials for unique durability, amazing results, and easy use. All the materials used are odorless and non-toxic, so they can be perfectly safe for you and your family!