Chillow Pillow Cooling Pad
Chillow Pillow Cooling Pad
Chillow Pillow Cooling Pad
Chillow Pillow Cooling Pad

Chillow Pillow Cooling Pad

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Pillows are like deserts - HOT! The materials they're made of trap heat on your face. This heat is uncomfortable and may even prevent you from getting your best and deepest sleep. 

  • Relieves Night Sweats, Hot Flashes, Back Aches, Sore Feet, Fever, Restless Legs, Sunburn, Migraines, back pain & more
  • Glove Leather soft exterior instantly cooling to the skin - no latex or hard nylon/polyester
  • Cool Soft Memory Foam feel, not hard like gel products which heat up, feel hard, grow stiff over time and cannot disperse heat consistently
  • Large full pillow size, No electricity needed
  • USA Made material, non- toxic, no overseas toxic material or undisclosed gel ingredients
  • Flocked backing helps Chillow stay in place on pillow, fabric sofa or chair

Your personal cool spot! Portable, soothing relief anywhere you need it. No electricity or batteries needed. Perfect for:

The Chillow feels immediately cool to the touch, unlike hard overseas gel products. It feels soft and squishy, cushioning you like memory foam, no comparison to cold clay packs or gel that only becomes harder in the freezer.

In fact, Chillow requires no refrigeration or electricity to cool you down into a comfortable state. It has a luxurious spa-like feeling that is relaxing, rejuvenating allow you to bounce back from an injury or a hard day at the office. It is your personal cooling pad whether on your pillow or your favorite chair or couch. We patented it using Chillow® liquid cool technology, using water for its soothing cooling non-toxic heat wicking and releasing properties.

There are no harmful foreign-based chemicals or unknown gel ingredients. Using an evaporative cooling process - the Chillow draws heat from your head and then dissipates it back into the air using its large surface area. Don't be fooled by the small imitators - you need a large surface area for maximum cooling capacity.


  • Get cooling, soothing relief on your favorite pillow.
  • Simply fill Chillow cooling pad with water to create your perfect sleeping temperature.
  • Portable for a good night's rest anywhere.
  • No gel, latex, or phthalates.
  • Dimensions: 21" x 12"