Car Portable Electric Air Pump
Car Portable Electric Air Pump
Car Portable Electric Air Pump

Car Portable Electric Air Pump

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Never be caught with a deflated tire if you keep this air compressor in your vehicle! You’ll love how easy and convenient this tool is! Just press the on-switch and you’ll be filling tires in no time! You’ll be able to improve your car’s traction and fuel efficiency by filling its tires with just the right amount of air! Filling your ride's tires correctly helps improve stability and decrease accidents. You’ll love the wide variety of nozzles to choose from.



  • USEFUL AUTO MECHANIC TOOL: This air compressor is the best way to pump your bicycle tires, balls, and car tires. It’s convenient and portable so you can easily take it on the road in your car, RV, truck, or ATV. 

  • 20” AIR HOSE: This air compressor kit includes all the accessories you need to pump tires and more. It comes with a 20” air hose, a 9’ long power cord with a 12V ac plug adapter, and 3 unique nozzle adapters for all your inflating needs. 

  • EASY-READ PRESSURE GAUGE: This tire inflator includes a simple analog PSI gauge so you can make sure you’re filling your bike and car tires to the optimal pressure. 
  • GREAT FOR SPORTS GEAR: If you like playing basketball, soccer, football, or volleyball, this air compressor is perfect for filling balls whenever they’re running low on air. Keep it on hand to quickly and easily keep your gear in tip-top shape between games. 


  • PSI: 260
  • Voltage: DC12V
  • Power: 120~150W
  • Material: Metal & plastic
  • Size: 17x17x7cm


    Common user error: Inflator will only inflate to max pressure and then automatically shuts off. It will not turn on to inflate a tire that is already at max pressure.