Adjustable Kettle Bell

Adjustable Kettle Bell

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With this revolutionary device, you can turn any standard dumbbell into a kettlebell that will outperform any standard kettlebell.

It has a widened grip that is designed to be comfortable to hold in your hands. Engineered to be ergonomic with a one-piece curved handle.

It can easily withstand any dumbbell weight up to 50lbs. It’s functional for any dumbbell with a handle that’s less than 3.8cm in diameter, which is most standard dumbbells!


  • PORTABLE - You can take this device on the go so that you can get a dynamic workout anywhere!
  • ADAPTABLE - Engineered so that you can turn your dumbbells into functional kettlebells to expand your standard workout regime.
  • ECONOMICAL - You no longer need to purchase separate kettlebells, with this device you can now turn all of your dumbbells into kettlebells in seconds