Best Dog Ear Cleaner
Best Dog Ear Cleaner
Best Dog Ear Cleaner

Best Dog Ear Cleaner

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Caring for the ears of a dog is one of the more delicate tasks required of a pet owner whether it's routine cleaning of wax and debris or treatment of infection, pets need well-developed products that will cleanse and dry the ears without creating irritation. A water-based ear cleansing and drying solution.


  • Pet ear drops, eliminate odor, inhibit bacteria and relieve itching, clean the ear canal.
  • This product is mild in nature and can be used as a daily cleaning care for dogs, cats, and other pet ear canals.
  • Prevention of ear diseases caused by pathogenic microorganisms and abnormal secretions of the ear.
  • It comes with relieving itching, antibacterial, removes odor in the ear, removes ear mites and ear wax.
  • The ear drops can also be used for acute and chronic otitis externa and otitis media caused by bacteria, fungi and cochlea worms.

1. It is strictly forbidden to use if the pets are allergic to this product.

2. Please refer to the doctor's advice during pregnancy and lactation.

3. Do not overclean your pet's ears

4. Check your pet’s ears every week, and use ear drops when they needed.

5. Please keep out of the reach of children.