Rock Crawler Off Road RC Car
Rock Crawler Off Road RC Car
Rock Crawler Off Road RC Car
Rock Crawler Off Road RC Car
Rock Crawler Off Road RC Car
Rock Crawler Off Road RC Car

Rock Crawler Off Road RC Car

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For a practically perfect RC truck at a decent price, look no further than this RC Car 4WD Rock Crawlers 28cm. The remote control monster truck boasts all the standard 4wd features – great design, a waterproof ESC, a powerful brushless motor, and a waterproof receiver box, but it costs less than half the price of many of their other models.

If you’re looking for something fast, you might be disappointed. This off-road RC truck reaches speeds of up to 30mph with their included Ni-Mh batteries (although, of course, upgrading is an option). What is special about this monster truck however is its durability and power over practically any terrain. Enjoy driving over in water, mud, and snow

4WDs are stable, grippy and will be slightly more aggressive in a style which, let’s face it, is why many of us get into RC trucks! Adrenaline junkies should go for a 4WD

Remote control toys are a usual part of most kids’ childhood. RC cars, boats, and construction trucks are popular with children from a very young age. Often kids start off with a small remote control car and end up with large RC construction equipment toys or a racetrack full of cars.

These toys can be played with indoors or outdoors, with friends or as part of a solo play session. From an educational perspective, remote-controlled toys encourage creative imagination and help a child develop good hand-eye coordination. As the child becomes accustomed to using a controller they will be able to control the vehicle better.

This RC Car 4WD Rock Crawlers 28cm also improve fine motor skills in children, as even toddlers can quickly learn how to control a remote control vehicle. And don’t let’s forget the benefits associated with outdoor RC toys – anything that encourages a child to play outdoors in the fresh air is a good thing!


  • Remote Control: Yes
  • Remote Distance: 60m
  • Wheelbase: 35
  • Throttle servo:2
  • State of Assembly: Ready-to-play
  • Action Time: 30min
  • Control Channels:4 Channels
  • Torque: 35
  • Design: Dirt Bike
  • Charging Voltage: 4.8v
  • Steering servo: 2
  • Material: Plastic
  • Power:4


  • RC toys can be a great source of enjoyment, and they are a great way to socialize with others.
  • Young children can develop their motor skills by using remote toys.
  • They will learn about cause-and-effect play as they work out which buttons make the toy go in each direction.
  • This is a great way to develop a child’s hand-eye coordination
  • A great way for parents and children to spend quality time together.
  • Great for children to practice their artistic and engineering skills.
  • Great for your child to start teaching themselves about mathematics and physics without even realizing it